HOWTO: 5,000€ grant earmarked for Gitea federation


In July 2021 @pilou and @dachary decided to create a 5,000€ grant earmarked for advancing Gitea federation and announced it on the Gitea issue tracker. Here is how someone should proceed to claim their share of the grant:

  • Someone writes a comment in a Gitea issue related to federation claiming X€ for their contribution (it can be for: commenting, creating the issue, writing the pull request that closed the issue, etc.) with a link to their liberapay account (alternative means of payment can be negotiated on a case by case basis). The claim must cover work started after July 1st, 2021.
  • At least one Gitea owner approves the comment with :+1: or something equivalent.
  • A link to the approved claim is added as a comment to this topic.
  • 15 days after the comment was approved by a Gitea owner @pilou and @dachary transfer the requested amount to the liberapay account.

Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.



Feature Request: Create keypair per user for signing federated requests (2021-11-22 2,500€)

Feature Request: Implement Nodeinfo endpoints for federation discovery (2021-09-28 2,500€)

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A question regarding payout via liberapay, would direct IBAN transfer be a suitable alternative?

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I agree to a direct IBAN transfer. @pilou what about you?


I agree to a direct IBAN transfer.

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Status update: per mention on call, there was a prior PR I needed to accomplish before user pub/priv keys PR could be submitted. I’ve just submitted the PR now: hopefully I’ve covered all the areas a reviewer may provide feedback on, and that it’ll be a quick merge so I can submit #16717 (Feature request: Create keypair per user for signing federated requests)

@pilou I think this PR is in the scope of the grant because it was directly motivated by the issue Feature request: Create keypair per user for signing federated requests. Do you have any objection?

@techknowlogick could you please add a comment for the record on to shortly explain how it will benefit from

I don’t have any objection.

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done :slight_smile:


Submitted a PR for nodeinfo:


Pushed another PR to create the keypair for signing actions by users

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Great! Added to the inventory of issues/PR in the description.

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The following issue & pull request were completed a few hours ago. They are ready to be claimed.

Feature Request: Implement Nodeinfo endpoints for federation discovery

Can I make the claim here, or would in the issue be better? I’m not sure what you were thinking of for amounts, but would half the amount be a suitable amount considering it is 1/2 of the tickets (if not please let me know what you think is indeed suitable)? And as for compensation for reviewers I could send 25% of whatever I am paid to Gitea’s opencollective (the transparent tool Gitea’s project uses to manage it’s funds) to be claimed by reviewers?

As previously discussed, I can send my IBAN details via email.

The issue would be better. Unless you think there is a problem in doing so?

The grant is setup so the amount is agreed upon between the person who accomplished the work (that’s you in this case) and least one Gitea owner. Here is how you could proceed:

More than one person can make a claim on a given issue or pull request, in the same way. The details of how the amount is used or how it is evaluated is not in the scope of the grant, it is entirely for the Gitea owners to decide and neither @pilou or me will have a say on the matter.

No problem, just making sure of things :slight_smile: I’ve just posted there and the other owners may be sleeping now in their timezone, but with luck they will respond in a reasonable amount of time :slight_smile:

Edit: thinking about this now, it is probably easier for the other owners to approve considering I am the only one with an account here.

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Aha, I was wrong. The other owners are indeed awake, and Lafriks has approved.

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@techknowlogick thanks, this is perfect. The payment will be wired to your IBAN account 2021-10-12.

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