On using Jitsi with simultaneous translation


During the last monthly update there were difficulties in setting up the technical environment for simultaneous translation. It worked this time but is far from ideal: I had to tweak my sound settings in ways I don’t even remember to avoid echo.

@pilou would you like to tackle this? It is my understanding that you’re yet to get started with your commitment to dedicate 5% of your time to diversity and that would be a nice way to catch up. If you’d rather pick another diversity related task it’s also fine by me: I will explore to find a solution for next month meeting.

No. Would contributing to translations of projects related to forge or federation or ActivityPub fit?

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I’m unclear about how it would help with the diversity in the fedeproxy project. I guess it would have to be explained, I just don’t see it right away.

I guess it would be better to focus on forges (since the users will be using Fedeproxy through their forges).

Here is how it could be done, with a simpler setup than the last time, with Jisti.

  • Everyone is connected to the same room
  • Before starting the meeting participants that will benefit from simultaneous translation will say so
  • Everyone lower the volume of the participants that will benefit from simultaneous translation to be audible but not understandable (20% or less)
  • The that will benefit from simultaneous translation lower the volume of the translator to be audible but not understandable (20% or less)


When the translator speaks, everyone hears a faint voice from the participant being translated and hears the translation instead. The participant being translated faintly hears the translator but is not disturbed because the volume is too low for them to understand.

@misc @aschrijver @pilou @mariha would you be available to try that out on one of these dates at https://meet.jit.si/ControversialConsentsRaiseUpwards ? It will take max 15 minutes.

  • Sunday 7th, 4PM Paris
  • Monday 8th, 4PM Paris
  • Tuesday 9th, 4PM Paris

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Let’s have that today then:

https://meet.jit.si/ControversialConsentsRaiseUpwards 4PM Paris time Monday 8th, 2021

P.S. I learned three things in the process:

  • Discourse date are wrong about the Paris timezone for some reason
  • There are no notifications when a vote is cast (yesterday would have been perfect for everyone involved…)
  • When setting such a poll one should see who voted which is not the case…
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I’m here now.

The test (and another one an hour later) was conclusive, let’s use that setup for the upcoming meeting!

Hey, I thought I could help but the time didn’t work for me (my vote was the one for Sun), hope it went well.

There is one person, Joseph, who recently joined our OHN community call and shared a modified jitsi server he is running, I thought it might be interesting option for you.


It allows for internal breakout rooms when people can talk to each other without hearing other rooms or hearing them at reduced volume.

Below is a screenshot from our call with 2 rooms, each person can regulate each room’s volume individually and independently from other rooms.


You can write to him @jfinn:matrix.org


Great resource! I’ll definitely give it a try if the setup does not work as well as expected next week. Will you be able to join November 18th, 5pm Paris time? It would be great to have you :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just modified the videochat so it will be easier to do live translations.
You can join the simultaneous translation room here: https://av.videocorners.com/log/mod/jx/nv_stl/i/ohn_room1

I made a video demo of the room as well.

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@jfinn thanks for this :slight_smile: I’d be very interested to see the code you wrote to make that happen (I’m a developer, very curious about the details). Would you be so kind as to let me know where you pushed it?

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A short video was created to explain how to use the volume slider in Jitsi, before the January 2022 webinar.

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