GitLab features timeline

Features introduced in GitLab in reverse chronological order, as found in the RSS Feed of the Blog and the changelog.

15 February 2024

Free Software

  • When reviewing a merge request, a “Request Change” comment can block the merge.
  • Rich text editor broader availability
  • CI
    • GitLab Runner 16.9: Make kubernetes API retries configurable
    • variables can:
      • have a description
      • detect duplicates
      • have character validation warning
      • simplify the UX to add or edit multiple variables
    • workflows marked as auto_cancel:on_new_commit will be canceled when the commit associated with them changes. If marked as interruptible: true it will also have an impact on jobs currently in the pending state.
  • Custom guidelines for managing group and project members
  • Updated ~40 default GitLab SAST analyzer
  • Kubernetes 1.29 support
  • Access usage data through the REST API for instance service ping
  • Terraform registry
    • validate modules from your group or subgroup
    • allow duplicate modules
  • Deploy: allow users to cleanup partial resources from failed deployments
  • Show import stats for direct transfer
  • REST API support for the GitLab for Slack app

Not Free Software

  • GitLab Duo Chat is still in Beta and available to more customers
  • Limit concurrent Elasticsearch code-indexing jobs
  • Authenticate and sign commits with SSH certificates
  • Control which roles can cancel CI pipelines or jobs
  • Enterprise user email address accessible through UI and API
  • Add or remove service accounts from groups with LDAP group sync
  • Improved UX for expired SAML SSO sessions
  • Audit event for updating or deleting a custom role
  • More detailed security findings in VS Code
  • Improvements to Operational Container Scanning (OCS)
  • Fleet Dashboard: Compute minutes used on instance runners per project metric card
  • Control which roles can cancel pipelines or jobs
  • New stage events for custom Value Stream Analytics
  • Boards work in progress line
  • Enable Jira issues at the group level
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