Funding Woodpecker CI development

Copy of a suggestion sent to @6543 today in the woodpecker chatroom.

6543 (matrix): I think if you (or someone else involved in Woodpecker development) apply for funding for the December 1st NLnet call for Woodpecker, together with other contributors in the same way it was done for forge federation here, you stand a good chance to get 50K€ funding. The purpose could be to develop a conversion from .drone.yml to .woodpecker.yml, maybe based on lafriks tool. And do something similar for github actions. And develop the features missing in woodpecker to be able to convert more features than it currently supports. The goal with this funding would not be to get feature parity: very ambitious. It would be to improve which will help forge federation by reducing the friction when people need to move from a forge to another.