NLnet grant application for federation in Gitea (deadline August 1st, 2022)


A year ago a grant application was submitted to advance federation in Gitea. The funding will expire October 1st, 2022 but there is still much to do and more funding will help ensure the effort continues.

The situation is now much better than it was a year ago: federation is on the roadmap and new motivated Gitea developers gained experience:

This grant application is essentially the same as last year with:

  • updates related to what happened in 2022
  • different beneficiaries.

2022-08-gitea-nlnet-application.txt (8.0 KB)

It will be submitted to NLnet; NGI Zero Entrust


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This is a really good thing Dachary, and the grant is to be disbursed amongst those individuals who are truly driving the federating capabilities directly…

Something that was, IMO, disregarded with the first award, leaving the impetus for others to lie squarely upon the uncompensated spirit of volunteerism for the greater community benefit.

I’m hoping this award for the grant is approved, since I saw little in the way of the last award actually benefiting the federation goals themselves.



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Thanks for the vote of confidence :heart:

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Subject: Forwarding address for all NGI Entrust communications

Hi, is meant to be used to increase the bus factor in the NGI Entrust grant application[0]. It is forwarded to to @dachary, @6543, @gusted, @ta180m


[0] NLnet grant application for federation in Gitea (deadline August 1st, 2022)

Loïc Dachary, Artisan Logiciel Libre

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Made a last proofread pass on the grant application. It is ready to be sent.

Submitted today, recorded with Code: 2022-08-067

application.html (7.9 KB)

Subject: Acknowledgement of your proposal Federated software forges with Gitea

Dear Anthony, Loic et al,

this mail serves to acknowledge receipt of your joint grant application “Federated software forges with Gitea” (2022-08-067). Some of you have been through this before, so they know the project will be carefully reviewed for eligibility in two rounds following the criteria set out here:

We expect the first round to take about five weeks, but given natural variation in the amount of projects and their complexity it may take longer or shorter. When the first round of review is done, we will inform you whether or not your project will be selected to enter the second round of the August 2022 call. Meanwhile, keep up the good work - and why not check out some of the wonderful projects already funded by NLnet Foundation:

Or have a look at how you can help out with reducing the impact of software patents on the FOSS ecosystem:

Kind regards,
on behalf of NLnet foundation,

Strategy Director

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