Forum improvements

There is the Force Mobile plugin that allows showing the Latest view on mobile instead of Categories, which is rather useless for mobile (requires extra taps to see topics). I can recommend installing it…

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I +1 this. @pilou what do you think? My only concern is that non-official discourse plugins break on upgrade and require attention. But in this case, since it’s display only, it can just be deactivated and nobody will loose any feature, just convenience.

Another possible improvement? Do you use the latest Discourse software, @dachary? I notice that dropping a hyperlink doesn’t automatically replace it with its page title.

It is 2.6.0 still and should be upgraded to 2.7.x

Hmm, I am at 2.8.0.beta4 and the latest forum - marked as critical update - is 2.8.0.beta6. I get them suggested via the Admin panel, and from there I also do the docker-based upgrades (i.e. from the UI).

Screenshot from 2021-09-10 16-11-24

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The discourse release cycle is uncommon. Some people indeed prefer to always have the latest development x.y.0.betaN and that’s what is the default. I prefer to use the latest stable, i.e. y-1. In the case of the fedeproxy I’m behind and should upgrade.

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@aschrijver the forum was upgraded and is now at 2.7.8.


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I suggest 2 settings changes (already made them to show which they are, but will revert if you don’t agree):

Screenshot from 2022-01-07 11-18-14

Auto-unpinning is very unintuitive, and leads to people losing sight of important topics that were pinned for a reason. With these settings a member can still unpin a topic, but they have to do so explicitly by clicking the pushpin next to the topic title.

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