Diversity and Skills

Another type of inclusion: skilled versus unskilled, technical versus non-technical. Background toot: publishing markdown for a git-hosted website.

Most static site generators require non-technical users to push markdown content to a repo via a PR. This is highly intimidating I’ve heard many times. Too much friction for many, and they don’t correct the grammar mistakes in your docs. Plus PR’ing is almost nowhere explained in a truly simple way to understand. Us techies take a lot of technical background for granted, it seems. FedeProxy as intermediary might offer a dead easy UI to do this.

(For “United Software Development” this inclusion may extend further to non-technical stakeholder involvement in design process)

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In my experience publishing content easiest with a wordpress based web site for non technical users. But I’d be very interested if you have a different / better experience with another tool.

Sure there are many better experiences. But at the same time there are tons of project (or other types of) website in git-based code forges, that non-technical users just won’t touch (or with great hesitation, and taken by the hand). This targets Github / Gitlab / Codeberg Pages.

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Oh, yes. Improving the UX of forges to include non-technical users is going to be an ambitious undertaking :slight_smile:

Might be something very KISS, e.g. only allows for editing markdown files in a repo with Edit + Save and simple terminology. Merge conflicts might be dealt with by someone else. Great markdown editors are a couple lines of code away from integration. Of course it should fit in a comprehensive product package. I am merely brainstorming in all the feedback I provide :blush:

I honestly don’t know. UX has always eluded me (as a developer) and what I like (emacs for instance) is miles away from what people are usually comfortable with. For instance it took me months to understand that (for reasons that I still don’t grasp to this date) people are fond of discourse and dislike mails (I love mail). :man_shrugging:

Most of the time I work on code with magit and when I see people struggling with things like fixing a typo in a commit that is in a middle of a series, I wonder what would solve it for them.