Working on Ceph without GitHub (episode 1/3)

Note: See also episode 2 and episode 3.


I’m working on a test that verifies how effective an optimization related to cacheline ping pong is. I created a copy of the Ceph repository and pushed a branch with the test. A mirror of Ceph would be more convenient but pulling from a remote repository is a proprietary feature of GitLab that is not available in Free Software version of GitLab that I have installed.

Earlier this week I was granted access to the Sepia lab so that I can verify the test does what it is supposed to. It is goes like this:

  1. push the branch with my changes to
  2. ssh -A
  3. teuthology-suite ... mytest
    • waits until a physical machine is available
    • installs Ceph from the packages
    • run the tests

But I can’t do the first step because I don’t have a GitHub account. There is a workaround though: I could:

This will take a little time to setup and I did not want to stall the conversation with Joe who is helping on this arcane topic. So I asked a Ceph developer with write access to the repository, Nathan, to act as my proxy and manually push the branch so the packages are built. And I ask again every time I make a change and need a new build.

That workaround is not sustainable but it allowed me to make progress.

To be continued