Video presentation: Fedeproxy: Forge Federation with ActivityPub

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(16:40:39) USERC: i liked that presentaion - especially the “incremental” approach - ie: “let’s get people using this now (even if it is not complete)”
(16:42:47) USERC: that really is the chicken-and-egg hurdle to over-come - people can not use it until it is complete and fully implemented in their favorite forge - but its difficult to complete it, without knowing the obstacles that each forge will impose
(16:45:27) USERC: thats why i suggested writing the spec incrementally, by implementing it in vervis, feature-by-feature - but people are not going to use vervis either, until it is feature-complete
(16:46:32) USERC: so in reality, it would be a long time before people are using it widely - as i noted, the proxy would only be able to support forges which have a complete API; but that approach could help some people adopt it sooner
(16:58:01) USERC: dachary: most of all, i liked that you made it clear, that a proxy is not the ideal solution - that ideally forges would be capable of federating natively; but the proxy approach is a good way to get people interested/aware that federatino is possible and forth-coming - i hope that encourages people to work toward convincing forge devs that people want federation
(17:01:14) USERC: the data store is a good idea too - forge-fed has no intention to store anything; but it makes a lot of sense for a proxy server - that data store could be cloned to any other server, or the forge could be changed, and it would all “just work”