Token of appreciation


I was told, years ago, that it is polite to offer a token of appreciation to interviewee who take an hour of their time to answer the questions. I would usually give a sticker but this is impractical when all interviews happen via videoconferencing :sweat_smile:

Since fedeproxy got funding, maybe some of that money could be spent to offer instead. There will be around 10 interviews, that would be a total of ~250€ shipping included (20€ + 5€). Not many people have 2FA keys or even know how to use them, even geeks: I bought mine a week ago. I’ve seen @pilou use them for years but somehow it did not compute, until recently. And if the person already has a 2FA key, they surely know someone who does not and could pass it along.

What do you think?

That’s a very good idea.

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