Testimony: GitLab.com related issues

I just received this response from someone I asked his/her feedback:

The author adds that reCAPTCHA is enabled by default on-self hosted gitlab instances.

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I’m certain it is possible to create an account without using a third party because I don’t have an account on any of the proposed third party providers. But I do have a GitLab.com account in my name. Going through reCAPTCHA is however required.


The fedeproxy CI runs GItLab CE and does not have reCAPTCHA. Is this about GitLab EE?

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I guess the author means that not using a third party wasn’t acceptable for the reasons mentioned before.

It looks like the author is wrong on this point, I didn’t find anything which would disable reCAPTCHA neither within enough repository nor within the sameersbn/docker- repository (besides reCAPTCHA requires an API key, there isn’t a default API key).

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