Study on the impact of Open Source, by the European Commission

Seen on Twitter.

Case studies, stats, etc, the linked thread summarize everything, but this is a 390 pages document.

There is policy recommendation at the end, and a analysis of the vision of OSS in Europe vs Asia (eg where Europe tend to see that more on the transparency part, while Asia seems to see that more as securing their supply chain), a point that surely matter to the public positioning of Fedeproxy.

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There are parts of the study I strongly disagree with: the software patents related parts. This is not a surprise because the author of the study has always supported software patents.

I see page 314 the “Policy Recommendations” but I fail to understand in which context it will be applied. I’m ignorant of the paths where such a document is useful. My guess would be that it can be used by organizations applying to calls for proposals in Horizon Europe to explain how their proposal is relevant on a given topic. But the opacity of the whole process makes it almost impossible to observe that, even after the fact. To the best of my knowledge there is not a single organization that publishes anything (NGI, DAPSI, NLnet, etc.).

Which page is it ? That makes me curious to read more.

Great share!

That was in the twitter thread, but I would say around page 223/224, comparative actions (and the rest). 380 pages is a bit long, I have shorter books in my “to read” stack.

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