SourceHut email based interactions for bug / issue / todo…

Issues / todo

Explains how to create and interact with an issue using email instead of the web interface.

Anyone with the “submit” permission can submit new tickets by sending them to ~username/, or for poorly behaved MTAs.

Anyone with the “comment” permission can also add comments to tickets by writing to ~username/tracker-name/, or by replying to the notification email.

If you have the “triage” permission, the last line of your email can be one of the following commands:

  • !resolve <resolution>: closes the ticket with the given ticket resolution (one of fixed, implemented, wont_fix, by_design, invalid, duplicate, or not_our_bug)
  • !reopen to re-open a closed ticket

All emails must be sent as text/plain. Please take care not to top post, as the full contents of your email will be posted as a comment.

Markdown is supported.

Anyone with the “browse” permission (including anonymous users!) can subscribe to an entire tracker by sending an email to ~username/tracker-name/ and unsubscribe by sending an email to ~username/tracker-name/

Similarly, sending an email to ~username/tracker-name/ticket-id/ or ~username/tracker-name/ticket-id/ will (un)subscribe the sender to the ticket.

Code review


There does not seem to be email based interactions possible for other SourceHut services (CI, registration, etc.)