Hello @dachary
At Assemblée Virtuelle, we work since 2 years + now on - DB is Jenna Fuseki and Middleware is developed using JS (Molecular).
You can find some doc here, especially regarding AP : ActivityPub | SemApps

Also, we have identified GO as a very interesting perspective for it’s reliability for intensive network and parallele execution. Beside it can run on every device (mobile also).

We would be delighted to talk together in order to share our work and hear about what you do as well (1 hour call maybe, if you like ?)

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I did not know about SemApps, thanks for the link. And even more for the offer to talk about it in person :slight_smile:

I’ll do my homework and try to figure out how it fits with fedeproxy.

To be continued!

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Perfect :slight_smile:
Please feel free to ping me as soon as you need.
Also, another resource in case it helps your homework, Assemblée Virtuelle Discourse - sorry it’s in french but I assume you read it :slight_smile:

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@bouviermullerp I read quickly and also browsed to get context. I should have known about it since it exists for … 10 years :blush: I’ll read the forum now but in the meantime I have a question: how could SemaApps help Gitea implement federation? My first reaction would be: “Ah… too bad SemApps is not written in Go! :sob:”. But maybe I’m missing something?

For the record I asked a question here about use cases. They are not easy to find but that’s fine: fedeproxy use cases are non-existent therefore I’m in no position to criticize :sweat_smile:

@dachary thanks for having doing your homework so quickly, and for your feedbacks.

Soo… they were 2 reasons why I mentionned SemApps :

  • I understood you were in a period of chosing the language you will work with. I’d thought : Hey if you are interested in working with JS, there is maybe some element you can pick from SemApps. I knew it was not reasonnable, but still (I’m not reasonnable :star_struck: )
  • One of our developper is really interested by Go, and when I shared the question he answers : no doubt - he needs to Go :running_man: ! If I understand well, this same person has a mid-term project to rewrite Jenna Fuseki in Go (for the perf)

I don’t know, but I’m quite sure it’s a good reason to have a beer :beers: (or maybe 2)
More seriously, the mission of the Assemblée Virtuelle is to see IT Tools as a pretext to do things together, to cooperate. Development including :nerd_face: SemApps won’t help you directly, but we will be happy to hear the way your see the implementation, to talk about it with you. Also, we have a big dev in progress regarding federation (sorry for github) and your feedback would be much appreciated !

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Well, FWIW I love JavaScript and wrote a fair amount of TypeScript early 2021. This is a fine language. Thanks for clarifying the intent.

I think I begin to get the idea. I don’t however get how it connects with a forge but it may percolate in the future.

I’m sorry for not being able to comment because I do not have a GitHub account but I’ll definitely follow your progress there, thanks for the link. As it turns out there are very few ActivityPub implementations and I’m interested to read the code whatever the language. You will probably find go-fed to be an interesting/inspiring read as well.