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Routing sits on top of qp2p. It is our overlay networking and routing layer and forms the brain of the Safe Network. Its purpose is forming a decentralised Internet and the routing information within it.

Routing is based on an algorithm that extends the Kademlia DHT routing. It uses 32-byte XOR addresses to locate data on the network. It is guaranteed that messages can be routed from any part of the network to any other end - as is proven by the Kademlia paper. Routing works purely on the terms of group consensus. We don’t trust a single entity, only a group decision with eventual consistency. In order to come to this eventual consistency the routing layer uses the consensus mechanism PARSEC.

Hello. There is a project aimed at re-creating GitHub at Safenet:

I also work on something, but more like standalone VCS, with versioning project info (issues, docs, etc) together with code, more like Fossil. Currently it’s only local, but I’m working on storing data on Safenet, which is my #1 choice for network backend. My language of choice is Red. My attitude is eat-your-own-dog-food, so I just started by using text files, automating things gradually. I use 100% the project itself to develop it.

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