Repository notice in Gitea


Codeberg has this interesting feature of displaying a notice on a repository when there is a potential issue with their content:



Hi @dachary. I think it’s a great practice and hope any project in Fedeproxy is copyleft/GPL/APGL to be able to get maximum community involvement.

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FWIW I prefer Copyleft because I’ve never seen any benefit in sharing with people who refuse to share back. The strongest argument against copyleft is that it prevents some individuals and organizations to contribute back. While this is certainly true in some cases, I’m yet to see evidence that it makes a difference. Those extra contributions the non-copyleft project gets are not worth much. The real problem Free Software projects universally share is the lack of resources to durably sustain them. This problem plagues copyleft and non-copyleft projects alike.

I realize this is more of a statement than a clearly articulated explanation about my opinion on the matter. It would take a lot longer to dive into this :sweat_smile: