Platform Abuse

I think we discussed the impact of diversity in the community, and examples around software having bugs for some people, or even worst, being abused a while ago. Today, I stumbled on, and I think that’s a interesting read (even if a bit short).

The website is more focused on social media, etc, but I think Fedeproxy is not really far away from that.

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Platform abuse is the intentional or unintentional use of technology that results in societal harm. We track abuse along 4 axes to help designers, engineers, and other technologists build ethically and equitably.

Affected Audiences
Understand how your technology might affect vulnerable or historically underserved populations, especially as you scale to new users.

An interesting read indeed. It looks like the initiative/company was interrupted last year. Still the idea is original and worth remembering. Good find :+1:

I think only the news were interrupted. Searching on twitter, I see one of the co founders posted about the company in May 2021, so I assume that they just have been busy with life and paid gigs.

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