Personas and Intercept Interviews


As explained in the introduction posted on OpenSourceDesign, I’ll now draft personas (3 seems a good number) to focus on and reach out to every people who showed an interest in fedeproxy to ask for advice on who would be good candidates.

@gracinet would you agree to a one hour interview? I’ll prepare an introductory mail to explain what it entails, in case you’re not familiar with how intercept interviews are used in the context of User Research.

To be continued!

@nchauvat @arthurlogilab would one of you be willing to participate in a one hour intercept interview for the persona “I’m a Free Software developer who heavily relies on forges for my work” ? The persona will soon be defined more precisely but I hope you get the idea :wink:

@dachary I’m in. Happy to help (and curious about the intercept interviews, congrats on the user centric approach)

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Great! I’ll prepare the interview script on Monday then. Could you please let me know two days/time that work for you next week for the interview? My schedule it not very busy and I’m sure one of them will be available. It’s at most 1h, I’ll be extra careful to keep it timeboxed :slight_smile:

I would be happy to. Do you want one interview with @arthurlogilab and one with me? The moment that works best for me will be on a monday.

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@nchauvat although you work for the same company I assume you both have different perspectives on this topic :slight_smile: Would Monday April 12, 11h00 work for you?