Persistent data stored in the fedeproxy server


Assuming the representation of a software project as a whole is stored in the repository (in a dedicated branch for data other than the code), the fedeproxy server needs to store, for each user:

  • the authentication token it needs to act on its behalf on each forge
  • list of software projects URLs that are to be federated because they are the same software project

First run


  • The database is reloaded, no action is required from the user

An OAuth2 token is about to expire

  • An email is sent to the user who was authenticated
  • Fedeproxy uses OAuth2 to obtain a token to act on behalf of the user for the forge that needs it

There is something wrong about storing the list of URLs / forges on which a project exists. It should be a distributed database otherwise it will need to be rebuilt from scratch for every fedeproxy instance which does not make much sense…