NLnet grant application 2022 (deadline October 1st, 2021)


It would make sense to apply to the NLnet NGI discovery call for proposal due October 1st, 2021 with the following goals:

What do you think?

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The skeleton for the grant application was created and includes the part I find most difficult to write: the goal of the project.

To be continued. (3.2 KB)

When asked yesterday on, zPlus agreed to participate.

Synchronizing with zPlus today on,

(10:45:33) dachary: zPlus: will you have time to work with me on the grant application next week (NLnet grant application 2022 (deadline October 1st, 2021) - Funding - forgefriends)? The deadline is october 1st. I’m happy to do the legwork but I’ll need your input :slight_smile:

I worked some more on the grant application, about half way through. The goal of the project was completely reworded: it looks better IMHO. (5.3 KB)

And the first complete draft is ready for zPlus review. I’ll get back to it next Friday (i.e. September 17th). (8.4 KB)

Mail sent today to (as found here):

Subject: Forgefed funding

Hi zPlus,

A gentle ping in case you did not get my messages on IRC :slight_smile: Your attention is most welcome to proofread and contribute to the application to keep going with forgefed. Feel free to criticize anything at this point, it is just a draft and I fully expect it could be very different based on what you have in mind!


I was inspired today and worked on a second version of the draft. I’ll get back to it this Friday (i.e. September 17th). (11.2 KB)

The deadline is coming soon and I did not hear from zPlus. I don’t feel comfortable applying on my own: there will be other opportunities.