NGI Zero Entrust / Assure- deadline August 1st, 2022


It is a good match for frogefriends. I plan to start working on a grant application no later than July 1st, 2022. If anyone is interested to work with me, please speak up. All the work done in the context of this grant, before sending the application and until it is completed in full or rejected will be radically transparent (see the 2021 DAPSI grant for an example of what it entails).


I will most likely apply for a grant to keep working on the Friendly Forge Format, with the goal to create an open file standard together with a reference implementation. In go fo course but maybe in Python also, if that is not too ambitious.

There is an argument to make that the #development:friendly-forge-format is a good fit for the NGI Assure call for proposal.

The goal of NGI Assure is to support projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet as part of a complete, strong chain of assurances for all stakeholders regarding the source and integrity of identities, identifiers, data, cyberphysical systems, service components and processes.

At the moment an essential part of the process to the continuous delivery of a software, the pull requests, releases, assets, etc. are only available from the software forge, there is no open format to share and reuse them. With the Friendly Forge Format, anyone could get a reusable dataset that provides all the assurances that can be expected from the provider of open data, including a digital signature to verify its authenticity.

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Today I sent the following to the person who suggested to apply to NGI Assure.

Hi [redacted],

I followed your advice and prepared an application[0] for NGI Assure to implement the Friendly Forge Format which is the logical continuation of the work done in the past months on the Gitea export format. Re-reading the NLnet; NGI Zero Entrust page, it also seems a good fit, for different reasons.

Does it make sense to apply to both?

Thanks a lot for your guidance.


[0] NGI Assure call deadline 01/08/2022

Got a reply today:

Hello Loïc,

Entrust is a more general fund. NGI Assure requires a cryptography component such as digital signatures in the file format or protocol. That means it is easier to fit into Entrust, but also that there are probably more proposals for it.


Best regards,