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Bonjour @nchauvat,

I followup on your proposal for collaboration on the forge federation, dated mid January. Before the grant was approved, I was starting a new job @Easter-Eggs and had barely enough time to spare a few hours a week for fedeproxy. Not an ideal combination for collaboration I’m afraid :confused: But now the situation changed for the best and I sincerely hope Logilab is still interested :pray:

The grant imposes milestones and that gives you a good view of what @pilou and I will work on between May 1st, 2021 and February 1st 2022. I can imagine many ways for how you could leverage what we’re going to do so that it can best serve your particular use cases. But these are only speculations and maybe you have practical ideas for baby steps to bootstrap such a collaboration?


Bonjour @dachary,

I am still interested in supporting this work. As you may remember, at https://logilab.fr we use https://heptapod.net/ and support its development. I would like us to be able to have a native Mercurial project on Heptapod federated with a project on Github version-controlled with git.

If that goal is too far away, I am interested in any step in that direction. Of course, we will be limited by our resources, but that’s nothing unusual, is it?

When do you want to discuss this?


Since the first showcase is about federating a GItLab project with GitHub, I don’t think it is too far away. Heptapod is based on GitLab and from the point of view of federation the differences between Mercurial and git should not be too difficult to abstract.

I’m available to discuss this at https://jitsi.enough.community/DynamicSwimsRingEven

  • Friday April 2nd, 2021 11h00
  • Monday April 5th, 2021 11h00
  • Monday April 12th, 2021 12h00

Would you mind if @pilou (and other interested parties) join the discussion?

I am not available this morning, the other dates are fine.

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@nchauvat gentle ping ?

I’m available to discuss this at https://jitsi.enough.community/DynamicSwimsRingEven

  • Monday April 12th, 2021 12h00
  • Thursday April 15th, 2021 11h00
  • Thursday April 16th, 2021 11h00


@arthurlogilab I’m glad we get to discuss tomorrow, thank you for making the time :slight_smile:

The next steps following these exchanges:

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@nchauvat I’m working on fedeproxy today and tomorrow. Would you have time to discuss how logilab could be involved? One idea was to prepare to apply for European funding in 2022, but that’s a long shot and there surely are more practical low hanging fruit.

Another idea I had this morning was that logilab and/or octobus could run an instance of https://heptapod.net/ dedicated to experimenting with federation. It would need to be an instance that is both used for something useful and that is not required for work outside of fedeproxy (so that it can be broken during extended periods of time :sweat_smile:).

It could be an instance of the fedeproxy server and someone would use it instead of the instance located at lab.fedeproxy.eu. Just an idea.


Although I could work on this in the next two days, I fear it will influence how I participate in the last steps of User Research, i.e. the affinity mapping and the report. Writing down an architecture will push me in a direction that may be contrary to the conclusions of the User Research. Since it will happen in a few days (May 26th) and the report can be pubilshed before the end of May, I think it is wiser to just wait a little and postpone this until mid June instead and keep an open mind until then.

Or maybe I am procrastinating :fearful: What do you say?

I agree totally with that.

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