Fedeproxy Updates, November 18th 2021, 5pm-6pm Paris time

This monthly meeting is a conversation about what happened in the fedeproxy project since the last meeting, as described in the November 2021 blog post .

Videoconference at https://meet.jit.si//FedeProxyCommunityMeetup

Short reminder about the Code of Conduct

It starts with 5 minutes presentations (maximum 6) about what was done since the last meeting followed by a 5 minutes free discussion on various topics. Everyone is invited to make a presentation, as long as something concrete happened and exclusively about activities conducted in public. Each presentation must be prepared (improvisation does not make for a useful presentation) and associated with URLs where participants will find evidences about the activities.

Setting the date for the next meeting

Any date during the next month is suitable. For instance the July meeting may be on the 20th and the August meeting on the 2nd, as long as at least two person are available to participate.


Discussion topics

Topics for next meetings

Simultaneous translation technical notes

  • Everyone is connected to the same room
  • Before starting the meeting participants that will benefit from simultaneous translation will say so
  • Everyone lower the volume of the participants that will benefit from simultaneous translation to be audible but not understandable (less than 20%)
  • The that will benefit from simultaneous translation lower the volume of the translator to be audible but not understandable (less than 20%)


When the translator speaks, everyone hears a faint voice from the participant being translated and hears the translation instead. The participant being translated faintly hears the translator but is not disturbed because the volume is too low for them to understand.

@aschrijver will you be able to attend? There should be cause for celebration for the switch to the forgefriends name :slight_smile:

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I am not entirely sure, as I have visitors that day, but if I can you’ll see me in the call and :partying_face: with ya.

Update: Note that the time in your toot differs from the time mentioned above. If the vidcall is at 4pm it is a bit harder still than 5pm for me…

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Good catch: I removed the incorrect time from the header. It turns out the discourse plugin is bugous when it comes to DST…

@Alexandra and @dachary will meet at 4pm Paris time at https://meet.jit.si//FedeProxyCommunityMeetup to check all works as expected technically. And go over the Forge federation: monthly report 8/9 to make sure the context is understood and help with simultaneous translation. Anyone willing to present is welcome to join the presentation.

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Sorry I wasn’t able to join, tried to available on time but couldn’t make it :frowning:

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