DRAFT: communication plan


It is a little early to think about a communication plan for fedeproxy: the software is under development and not usable yet. However there is an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the mentor assigned to us by the organizations providing the grant to fund the work done in 2021 who has a background in marketing. Here is a draft that will be discussed during the next mentoring session scheduled tomorrow.

Communication campaign


The User Research report published in June 2021 identifies a problem that is universally shared by software developers: reporting and tracking a bug found in a dependency hosted on a different forge while working on a project hosted on your usual forge.

Main steps:

  • Raise awareness about the problem in the Free Software community and present fedeproxy as a solution
  • Reach out to existing forges and ask them to run an experimental fedeproxy server to help resolve the problem
  • Crowdsource GitHub accounts to sustain the fedeproxy servers federating GitHub


Estimate of the number of Free Software developers exposed to the campaign.

Reacting to news

Monitor the news related to events that are related to forge federation. When something relevant happens, spend time to participate and publish content that show how it relates to fedeproxy to attract attention.

Month 1

  • Look for friendly organizations and individuals
    • Reach out to existing organizations and individuals asking them for recommendations
    • Reach out to recommended organizations and individuals willing to help by relaying communications by the fedeproxy project
  • Write an blog post explaining the problem and how fedeproxy solves it
  • Publish the blog post on:
  • Record a five minute vide explaining the problem and how fedeproxy solves it
  • Publish the video post on:
  • Seek an agreement to run an experimental fedeproxy server on forge.chapril.org, foss.heptapod.net
  • Reach out to other forges
    • Using the campaign to demonstrate the users care about fedeproxy
    • Inviting them to install fedeproxy coupled to their own forge

Month 2

Launch a crowdsource campaign to collect GitHub accounts.

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