Design discussion for ActivityPub in gitea

Someone pointed me to which discusses implementation of ActivityPub in gitea (golang) using the implementation of ActivityPub.

Might be source of inspiration or convergence ?

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While exploring this, I stumbled upon

which is great because I was wondering why the test server was down and if someone did anything about it.

It is a very interesting read. And since it is an ongoing effort and cjslep is active, it would be easier to contribute in this context. By contrast it would be harder to contribute to federation in GitLab beause I’m not aware of any currently active developer working on that.

Hi there @arthurlogilab, I was the one who provided the tip in this @humanetech toot :slight_smile:

Though still new to Golang I am planning a project with Go-Fed as well and have created a more up-to-date picture of the framework:

Go-Fed comes with the ForgeFed vocabulary definition, from which astool generates strongly-typed Go code. As you can see in the diagram you’ll need a bunch of stuff on top the AP implementation in order to federate with the broader Fediverse, like webfinger (for mentions), nodeinfo, and OAuth2 with dynamic client registration.

If you want to discuss Go-Fed, a good place is the Matrix chatroom at

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