Cpm resignation


Today @cpm, my primary contact with Chapril, resigned from his position, effective immediately. Luckily he has been very active in the past months to create a strong community. As far as I can tell his departure will not have immediate detrimental effects on the maintenance of the services. Nor will it impact the quality of the infrastructure and how carefully it is monitored.

However @cpm was involved daily in developing the services and I think his absence will significantly slow down the dynamic of the entire project. The forge that @pilou and I now maintain was bootstrapped by cpm and maintained by him. He did not count his hours to onboard us and I suspect he did the same for other maintainers.

Iā€™m not yet sure how to react to the news. My first instinct would be to send a message essentially saying that I respect his decision and congratulate him on his many months of dedication and hard work. Such a commitment is extremely rare and one of the most precious gift anyone can give to the internet community.

What do you think?

Update: the previous version of this message contained assumptions based on my own perception. I reworded it to clarify.

I feel that way.

Yeah, a such message would be more than appropriate. Do you think this message should be sent as fedeproxy contributors ?

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