Conference on decentralized social network moderation

From reddit (/r/fediverse), I found this might interest people here:

It go on basic discussion of the Fediverse, Gab, but also what happened when India users started to join in drove.

In the end, the secret seems to be to keep things small (higher moderators/users ration, similar to
run your own social), and provides good moderation tools, and this should be taken in account in the UX design (the video call out Peertube for not doing that, and I remember people complaining before 1.0 at that time).

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I spent a significant amount of my time this year on a project to migrate hundreds of mailing lists (some are twenty years old) from mailman to Discourse, primarily because they were plagued by spam. It has been a great source of inspiration and there is indeed a great deal of code / process within Discourse to manage spam. And also mediation in a conversation, moderation when a behavior goes against the code of conduct etc.

There are multiple ways to keep things small in Discourse and achieve the higher moderators/users ratio you suggest.

  • Hosting entirely independent instances on the same server
  • Delegating moderation (and not administrative) rights to a selected number of people for the whole instance
  • Delegating moderation rights to a group of people for some categories only

My gut feeling is that things are small when a single person can read (and understand :wink: ) all activities daily.