Gitea fork


The Codeberg hosting service runs a long standing fork of gitea, curated by one of the Gitea maintainers (6543) and maybe others which I did not notice. It appears to be merged with v1.15 on a weekly basis and currently is 42 (yes :slight_smile: ) commits ahead of v1.15:

$ git log --oneline --no-merges gitea/release/v1.15..codeberg/codeberg-1.15
502575858 add nofollow and ugc to rel attribute for profile links
9b61bd24b fix glitch
833fb82e7 codeberg patch: make oauth2 login invisible
d90b80388 Make mirror feature more configurable (#16957)
741d01dbc Fix git.Blob.DataAsync(): close pipe since we return a NopCloser (#16899)
36d492ff5 Fix wiki raw commit diff/patch view (#16891)
d3ca4d6ea Repare and Improve GetDiffRangeWithWhitespaceBehavior (#16894)
6cd3d1e40 Ensure wiki repos are all closed
0a5efbee4 (codeberg/codeberg) Codeberg banners
d7b93e51d CB: Tiny rewording of the landing page
58bcdd7b9 changelog for 1.15.0 (#16760)
8f89c4895 Keep attachments on tasklist update (#16750) (#16757)
797b36c0b Recreate Tables should Recreate indexes on MySQL (#16718) (#16739)
6acc917f3 Fix dependency translations (#16755)
e1fe64ffb Do not use thin scrollbars on Firefox (#16738) (#16745)
00356090a Fix wrong user in OpenID response (#16736) (#16741)
697c4e652 Restore functionality for pushing non-standard refs (Partial #16705) (#16706)
66afae796 release/v1.15: set min go version to min upstream supported go1.16 (#16710)
8aa63c319 Upgrade levelqueue 0.4.1 (#16696) (#16700)
16109d8f0 Ensure empty lines are copiable and final new line too (#16678) (#16692)
054cb555c  If PatchURL is empty, skip pull patch download when migrating (Partial #16356) (#16681)
530a67209 Update issue_index to finish migration (#16685) (#16687)
54edf6727 Fix NPE in fuzzer (#16680) (#16682)
8eab16dd6 Change the implementation of the go-git version of GetNote to mirror the non go-git version when passed a non-existent commit (#16658) (#16659)
10e89c532 Remove link to Gitea website from footer
0e7e90ff6 Move help links back to Codeberg dropdown
08d66de28 Move help button to the right
2b627c91d Move Codeberg links to dropdown (#21)
0d9a15411 added helper link to which justifies mirror deactivation
27e4343d3 Change link for access token instructions to Codeberg Docs
89f1daf94 Hide users from explore view who have no repos (unless searched for)
35e2cefc6 CB: Issue template, clarify use of the repo
be4296cf2 CB: Registration info (captcha + throwaway mail)
ce5dea49e CB: Revert upstream colour changes to our Design
7ac7ec66c Add announcement widget (#16)
621e240b9 CB: Open pages in new tab (#13) (#15)
5d0d6ebe2 warning for private pages repositories
9128e86eb Change default label set - add upstream label for stuff already reported upstream - add contribution welcome for things that are open for contribution - change help needed color to something more alerting to indicate someone needs help at getting something done
10faa45a0 sync blacklist
cb44b7f3c Codeberg related template changes
fb2352dfd Hide mirrors from explore view
e63d7bf5e Simple rate limiting for issues and commits

This is not much of a drift from upstream, considering it’s been going on for a while now :+1: