Bootstraping fedeproxy today


Today will be the first day @pilou and I are working on fedeproxy, each of us part time (50%). It’s going to be a little messy but everything will happen in writing, either in this forum, in the chat created a few minutes ago (we use that mean of communication quite a lot when working on other projects) and in the GitLab where all the development and documents are archived. The planning of the work is in a Nextcloud instance and readable for anyone who registers an account.

The discussion will start in a few hours in the chat.

See you there!

I wonder what to do first. There is the obvious which will keep me busy today: a few hours on User Research, writing interview scripts and thinking about personas and defining the first use case to implement for myself (which is going to be adding a comment to an issue). There is the not-so-obvious: how to communicate around fedeproxy, beyond the announcement that funding was granted.

I guess the question really is: “how would I like fedeproxy to communicate if I was not involved in it but interested about its development?”. It currently is nothing but an idea, which is something I don’t feel very comfortable communicating about. I’m therefore inclined to keep a low profile until I start using fedeproxy for myself on a real use case. The real use case is very modest (adding a comment to an issue) but I’ll rely on it to do real work, that is contributing to Ceph and I’m hoping it will be a good show case to explain what fedeproxy is about.

Maybe that’s all the communication fedeproxy needs? I’ll draft a blog post to publish on along these lines at

The blog post is published.

@aschrijver you’ve been the most attentive participant of fedeproxy in the past weeks and I very much look forward to your comments and advice on this recent development. Thanks to the useful pointers you provided I’m less ignorant than I used to be but I honestly feel a little disoriented. Thankfully the milestones imposed by the grant give a direction that I have to follow. But there is a big difference between doing something and doing it right.