Using Heptapod in the CI

Bonjour @gracinet,

Now that basic support for mercurial was added to the fedeproxy codebase, it would make sense to use Heptapod in the CI instead of GitLab for integration testing (see a sample run here).

My intention is to parametrize an Heptapod fixture to run the same set of tests with hg or git to verify both work at all times, in the same way it is done here.

As you can see the installation of GitLab is based on for no other reason than I’m used to it and it’s essentially a oneliner (well two lines really if you count the docker container that’s needed for postgresql). I’ll look for a way to install Heptapod in a similarly trivial manner and comment on this topic on my findings.

If you have an advice on how to proceed, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


For the record, this merge requests changes GitLab for Heptapod