Use Case & UX & UI & code to create a federated issue


Learning by doing: creating a Use Case & UX & UI & the code to implement the creation of a federated issue:

About two weeks ago I learned the basics of Penpot and created a prototype:

  • Added a Federated issue button to the Gitea issue list page (rectangle with same background color and approximately same font), grouped with the text.
  • Added an interaction on the group button to go to the next artboard
  • Added comments from the view

To keep learning, I’ll complete a full UX & UI & code integration in forgefriends. This won’t lead to anything even remotely usable but I’m learning so it is ok.

The next step is to create the UI. Advice on how to do that would be most welcome.

I am not sure, but wasn’t an update here done by Vervis?