Upstreaming from forgefriends to Gitea: what and when?

@realaravinth asked in a review if a forgefriends modification would be upstreamed. In this specific case I don’t think it will in the near future because it is about a feature that has no purpose other than helping with federation. It will take time to explain why it is useful. And to be honest I’m not yet sure how to properly argue for it :blush:

It will however be easier to upstream integration tests for the dump-repo / restore-repo codepath. There are none at present and I ran into a bug yesterday where it fails if there are no pull request. The kind of failure that would easily be spotted by integration tests. And since those integration tests are required for the JSON export / import feature that is being worked on, I intend to propose a pull request for that in the next few days.

The main roadblock for me to propose a pull request still is that Gitea is hosted on GitHub and I do not have an account there. Progress is made to complete the migration to, but there still is a blocker. In the meantime I’ll have to find someone willing to handle this pull request on my behalf.

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Feel free to ping me when you’d like to participate on GitHub!

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@realaravinth here you go Draft: feature-integration-uploader-downloader-repo (!30) · Merge requests · forgefriends / Forgefriends many thanks :pray: for your help, I would be stuck otherwise :sweat:

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Today I’ll work on writing unit tests for . The ultimate goal is to modify it so it is idempotent, which is useful for federation when synchronizing issues. The tests should be merged first so that the proposed changes to make these functions idempotent can demonstrate they do not break anything.

@realaravinth would you be ok with helping upstream these changes as well? If handling two PR in parallel is too much of a burden (and I fully appreciate it is a burden and I’m grateful), I would be happy to wait until the first PR is merged before asking for help.


I don’t mind at all, I’m just glad that I could help :slight_smile:

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