Translation Romanian / English / French

Hi @Alexandra,

I’m applying for funding for the next year (the grant applications are here). Would you be interested in applying with me for doing work related to simultaneous translation of videoconferences as you did before, as well as translating technical documentation and activity reports?

The application process is very light and would require one or two hours of your time. The total income you could get is around 5,000€ over a period of one year, paid by the hour at your usual rate. The funding is tax free.

What do you think?

Hi @dachary,

Apologies for my very late reply and thank you for this interesting opportunity.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of very challenging months this year on personal and professional level, and couldn’t get back with an answer on time.

Please let me know if this proposal is still available and if so, what would be needed from my side.

Best regards,


Hi @Alexandra,

Thanks for the reply, even if late. As it turns out there may be other funding opportunities coming in the following months and I’ll keep you updated. The need for translation is not going anywhere, unfortunately.