Switching the forgefriends codebase from Gitea to Forgejo


Unless there is an objection, forgefriends which is currently chasing Gitea main will switch to using the default branch of forgejo/forgejo: Libre code forge – a soft fork of Gitea (Code of Conduct: https://codeberg.org/forgejo/code-of-conduct) - forgejo - Codeberg.org instead as soon as it is ready.

Since Forgejo is hosted on a Free Software forge, I will be able to work there directly from then on instead of going through the laborious process currently in place to engage into a dialog via proxy with Gitea on GitHub.

Since the focus of forgefriends is to be a proxy between forges, it remains a project independent of Forgejo. However all the work done so far on forgefriends is directly relevant to Forgejo and will be contributed to a feature branch in the proposed development workflow. As a consequence I will suspend syncing the forgefriends codebase and publishing releases until proxy features that do not have a place in Forgejo are being worked on. Until then distributing forgefriends would be an exact copy of Forgejo and that would not make much sense.

Please let me know if there are aspects of that move that I did not take into consideration



Seems a great choice to me :+1:

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