Settling accounts for 2021


@pilou there is something we don’t have a protocol for: shared expenses for the fedeproxy project, except for the funding of the Gitea federation effort (5,000€, split 50/50 between us). There are a number of other expenses in the spreadsheet, all of them paid from my own pocket. Unless you updated the spreadsheet with your own expenses (like buying material for the affinity mapping), but I don’t think you ever had the pleasure of participating in the accounting activities.

I propose we settle the account at the end of the year (december 31st). You could go over the spreadsheet and for whatever expense you agree with, we split the amount 50/50. And if you don’t agree with a particular expense, it will be on me.

What do you think?

I agree.

I added the invoice for the sticky notes. I paid you 14.63€ twice through liberapay. I added the related documents (the invoice and the receipts to the shared NextCloud directory).

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My accountant answered:


  1. I will transfer to you 328.18€ ((117.02+5.64+305+10.79+94.77+17.36+95+10.79)/2).
  2. Can you add the invoice related to the experiment in simultaneous interpretation?
  3. Could we consider that the liberapay payments and my sticky notes bill cover the upcoming expenses related to the OVH hosting?

Thanks for calculating the amount up until now. There is no invoice for the work done by @Alexandra . It is good enough to keep the spreadsheet updated with the balance from then on. There is no need to actually wire money.

I wired the money. As mentioned earlier, any additional expense will require an invoice showing my company name.

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The amount is incorrect but it does not matter much.

Could you be kind enough to point the error?

The diversity fund will pay for the interpreters.

As I said in the first post of the topic, I’d rather settle this at the end of the year instead of going into the details right now.

The fedeproxy DAPSI project ended on October 1 (at the end of phase 1). My company has not made any commitments outside of the DAPSI project. My business is no longer able or authorized to incur expenditure after this date. There is indeed an error: can you reimburse me for expenses paid after this date?

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I wired back the +328.18 to your company. Let’s settle this at the end of the year.

Do you expect other expenses related to the period ending October 1 will be added to the spreadsheet?