Restructuring the forum categories (Wiki Post)

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Discuss here → :speaking_head: Restructuring the forum categories

Objective: More intuitive organization, less main categories?

Current forum hierarchy

(The structure is not fixed in position, but based on the last topic / post to the forum)

  • Governance and decisions
  • Workspace
    • communication
    • drafts
  • Funding
  • Discussions
    • Projects
    • Ideas
  • Diversity
  • Events
  • Development
    • Gitea
    • Go-Fed
    • Gitlab
    • forgefed
    • Heptapod
    • Github
  • Social Coding
  • DevOps
  • UX / User research
  • Welcome
  • Uncategorized
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(add your requirements, ideas, tips and other general improvements here, in a section with your forum handle to it)

Input @aschrijver

  • There are a bunch of top-level categories that can just as wel be sub-categories.
  • Having a fixed order to categories is more consistent and intuitive.
  • Here’s a first idea of a different structure: hierarchy diagram

Restructured hierarchy (draft)