Project name change revisited

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I support the name change too.

I like both logos. If the new one was going to be chosen I’d like to propose modifying it in a way the hands touch each other (the circles are cut in half and together create one full circle).


Thank you. I have quickly created 2 variations that demonstrate that idea (bit sloppy if you zoom it, but I had little time and limited graphic skills :wink: )



The second has some spacing, quite small, but it starts to look weird when it gets larger than this (PS these are PNG’s a much less sharp than the SVG).

Update: The second one looks ugly. Consider just the first version.

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Since there is consensus after three weeks, the name change is decided :tada:

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It really feels great to start using a good name instead of a temporary bad name :slight_smile: Makes me very happy today.

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