Project name change revisited

Boosted and voted ! :+1: I love the logo: I can see two person facing each other the one to the left with their hand down, the one to the right with their hand up, as if they were about to shake hands. :heart:

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Thank you. Yes, that was the intention. The symbol represents a “Git Merge” icon twice, coming together and - to highlight the social aspect - appearing to be about to make a handshake. Also the two different colors can be seen as representative for the Diversity principle within the community: your colors don’t matter.

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On a related note, it is also unclear how my name proposal will be addressed. Thus far you were the only community member responding. An adoption would bring significant rebranding work and who would do that? Who should consent first to decide that, or is there some threshold, no. of days after which a proposal is automatically accepted? Is something me as a passer-by suggesting something an ‘official’ proposal even?

I agree to work with you on the technical part of the rebranding, i.e. once the name and log change is decided you can count on me to apply it where appropriate (website, forum, etc.). So far all decisions were taken by consensus (no vote yet) with a period of two to four weeks, depending. And yes, since fedeproxy is horizontal, you are entitled to propose that change and we can implement it together.

Shall we move this bit of the conversation to the naming topic?

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I’ll leave it up to FedeProxy community what to do with the proposal, and submit it under CC BY-SA.

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The poll is complete and 41 people voted. There is a large majority (over 75%) in favor of the name change from fedeproxy to forgefriends so… let’s make it official :slight_smile: Since this is a decision that impacts everyone involved in fedeproxy, let’s have a three weeks period before declaring consensus, starting from the date this message is sent. Reminder if someone (anyone) feels strongly against this change they can call for a vote instead.

Does anyone have any objection to changing the name fedeproxy to forgefriends?

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I really like this logo and the motto :heart:!

But the dot between the two parts cuts - visually and at the level of the meaning - the link between them. I would rather use something that highlights the link between the two parts, for example a dash or the Unicode character u+21cb:

forges united / coders befriend
forges united ⇋ coders befriend


Thank you. The latter is a great one, though I don’t know how it reads on screen readers for the visually impaired. Btw, I added the dots so the 2 sentence parts are “statements of fact”, and indeed one follows from the other. You could read them as “thus” or “hence” → “forges united [thus] coders befriend.”

The name would be changed but the infra would be the same? Precisely fedeproxy would be replaced with forgefriends everywhere but the infrastructure won’t change (services and virtual machines would be unchanged - except the name)?

I did not think about that. What would make more sense for you?

Would the name used only for the software or the community or for both the software and the community ?

  • If used for the software only
    • the repository can be renamed
    • a new website (describing the software)
  • If used for both, I would keep the infra and redirect domains to
  • If used for the community: keep the infra and redirect domains to
    • update registrar configuration
      • :black_square_button: add aliases for all used domains
      • :question: redirect mail from to
    • :black_square_button: add (proxy-playbook.yml)
    • :black_square_button: redirect (at nginx level) to (within templates/proxy.conf.j2 ?)
    • Update the service configuration:
      • :black_square_button: update inventory/group_vars/website-service-group.yml
      • :no_entry_sign: update GitLab configuration (inventory/group_vars/gitlab/gitlab.yml)
      • :black_square_button: update Discourse configuration (inventory/host_vars/forum-host/params.yml)
      • :question: update Mattermost configuration (through the web interface ?)
      • :no_entry_sign: update NextCloud configuration (through the web interface ?)
      • :question: update Postfix configuration (inventory/host_vars/postfix-host/params.yml)
      • :no_entry_sign: update the CI job

This post is a wiki.


I would think use “forgefriends” first and foremost for the community, the project website and code forge organization. Then in additional to that decide if a “ForgeFriends FedeProxy” technical component makes sense for which you might keep around, along with lower-level infra and other technical stuff (e.g. or something).

Before investigating the change it may help to draft an intuitive ‘orgchart’ of the entire initiative.

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@pilou very useful checklist :+1: I second @aschrijver opinion on using “forgefriends” first and foremost for the community.

Practically, what does this imply? Move the current forum from to

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For any URL that’s changed there should ideally be a redirect from the old URL, or otherwise many links will be broken.

As for a forum URL, it might be nice to make it friendlier that the formal word “forum”, like e.g.

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So the forgefriend name will only be used for the forum, right ?


I wouldn’t disagree to use meet. :slight_smile: Personally, I associate meet. with a video conference service (due to and I associate discuss. with a service like discourse.

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Yes, you are right, discuss is maybe better. I just wanted to make the association meet → friends.

I would also move the website, keep those the same. On the forgefriends website the community presents the fedeproxy project / technical component.


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I support the name change too.

I like both logos. If the new one was going to be chosen I’d like to propose modifying it in a way the hands touch each other (the circles are cut in half and together create one full circle).


Thank you. I have quickly created 2 variations that demonstrate that idea (bit sloppy if you zoom it, but I had little time and limited graphic skills :wink: )



The second has some spacing, quite small, but it starts to look weird when it gets larger than this (PS these are PNG’s a much less sharp than the SVG).

Update: The second one looks ugly. Consider just the first version.

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