Project governance votes stored in Git

(This is a bit of a placeholder topic)

I talked to Yarmo Mackenbach, creator of Keyoxide yesterday in a vidcall, and he’s having this interesting idea for a future project to store governance-related decision votes in a git repo. It may be interesting to keep an eye on, and relates to aspects of United Software Development and Aggregating Software Knowledge.

Other than that Keyoxide may be interesting to take a closer look at in terms on how it could help support identity features.

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One recommendation I have about voting is that it should be secret ballot, otherwise people can be easily compensated for their votes and money/favors/cliques will rule the day. Maybe not an issue at this point, but a general point to keep in mind.

Perhaps ok due to being a place holder but the link to Keyoxide ( is broken for me.


@aschrijver I replaced with in the topic.

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