Plaintext Group concept note July 2022


Dear Ashwin Ramaswami,

I look forward to our meeting tomorrow, to learn more about the application process.

As you can see here[0] a 100% transparency policy regarding funding is in place for what keeps me busy every day, very much like the approach you’re experimenting with at the virtual incubator. In a nutshell the project is about allowing software developers to regain control of their tools instead of asking for permission to GitHub / Microsoft.

But the devil is in the details and a few minutes of your time would go a long way to help me figure out if there is a possible match.

One last but critical detail for which I apologize in advance. I’m what you would call a “Free Software vegetarian”[1] in the sense that I do not use proprietary software, even when it performs really well. In the same way a vegetarian won’t eat meet even when it is excellent. Would you mind if we use:

Instead of using Google meet?


[0] Friendly Forge Format generic grant application
[1] Looking for a Free Software vegetarian developer position – Loïc Dachary

The call happened at :sparkles: It was very useful and I was told that forge federation won’t be a good fit because their focus will be, this year, to convey the importance of Free Software to US policy makers. And to provide significant funding (over a million USD) to OTF so they can redistribute it to smaller projects.