November update from NLnet

Received today:

Dear Loïc,

we hope you are doing well. A quick update: we have meanwhile entered the fourth year of NGI Zero, and the second year of NGI Assure. The team is recovering from frantic proposal writing to secure future funding for NGI Zero over the last couple of months - and the many applications made to the last round of NGI Zero. Discovery and the new User-Operated Internet fund. If we have been slow to respond, apologies for that - and do ping us if your request has been buried in our inbox for too long.

Some service announcements, as before. In particular next week Tuesday is going to be a very busy day. Notably:

  • We are organising a workshop/debate on ongoing work related to OpenPGP (from Sequoia to Keyoxide) on Nov 23rd
  • The final call of NGI DAPSI is due that same day, and is about open alternatives to replace dominant and privacy-unfriendly internet services. That could be many of you!
  • NGI TETRA is organising a boot camp from Nov 23rd - 25th

More info below. Besides that we have some other topics we feel are worthy of your attention:

  • EC is organising a workshop (Nov 18th) and consultation (due: Nov 30th): is NGI doing a good job?
  • NGI TETRA can help pitch your project to innovation managers (no deadline)
  • Wrapping up the Summer of Nix
  • Reminder StandICT: support for standards work (deadline Nov 29th)

We hope you appreciate this message, if not - let us know. And stay safe, keep up the good work and talk to you soon!

Kind regards,

the NLnet team