NLnet apply for a grant deadline 01/02/2021

The projects within this fund so far are quite diverse: some focus on discoverability standards like ActivityPub or RELOAD or specific domains like open hardware or threedimensional virtual objects, while other focus on ethical search filters, security updates and software vulnerabilities or different aspects and challenges of building a search services like crawling, multimodal search, address search across different languages, and linked data - and many more…

Since fedeproxy advocates that all forges should be federated using a common protocol and data model, it will help the discoverability of forges. It’s easier to crawl N forges with 1 protocol rather than N different APIs. But that’s not the main focus of fedeproxy and applying to this grant seems to be a stretch.

In addition it draws from the same fund (NGI) as DAPSI and there probably are rules preventing individuals / organizations to be funded by multiple entities.