Monitoring GitLab, GitHub and Gitea


Ideally it would be possible to register a webhook to get notified when something (anything) happens on a forge. Such a webhook unfortunately does not exist and fedeproxy will have to maintain webhooks for every federated project.



Although not documented, the web interface suggests it is either possible to set a webhook to all events or specific issue events.


More information about Gitea webhooks: it has three tiers of webhooks (like gitlab) we have repo, org, and system-wide, and as you have already discovered filtering of event type is possible.

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It saves me the trouble of investigating, great :slight_smile: All Events are system wide events (i.e. repo creation, repo deletion, etc.) ? I’m a little confused because it seems to be possible to register a webhook in a repository about repository creation.

For repo level webhooks, the repo event would only send a repo delete hook, as like you said you can’t add a webhook for repo creation to a repo that doesn’t yet exist. But for org and system-wide webhooks it would trigger on repo creation.

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