Measures towards maximum interoperability and ecosystem sustainability

Had a productive discussion with @aschrijver on the Solidground chatroom about maximizing interoperability and ecosystem sustainability.

Current Problems:

  1. Federation implementations have varying behavior causing interoperability problems
  2. Ecosystem overview is non-existent
  3. Designing federation is often project-specific and project-specific edge cases and doesn’t consider possibility of broader ecosystem and it’s needs. As @aschrijver put it: no efforts were made to separate use cases, domain design, vocabulary design, business logic, protocol mechanisms, etc.


ForgeFlux has agreed to the following to mitigate the problems stated above:

  1. Document current behavior and keep documentation in sync with implementation
  2. Document dialogue regarding current behavior and proposed improvements
  3. Try to document(summarize) discussions in the ecosystem
  4. Simplify and improve the process

Documentation to set up ForgeFlux/Interface dev-environment was merged today, as the first step towards improving the project’s documentation. We hope to document current ForgeFlux behaviour by the end of next week.


I created a pull request to document ForgeFlux/Interface’s Webfinger behaviour.

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