mCaptcha - NLnet grant application - August 2022

The first draft is available here. I’ll publish the final version on the mCaptcha website as part of the monthly report and update the link on here :slight_smile:

Based on the Gotosocial and the federation in Gitea grant applications.

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Since you’re not a European resident, your grant application will be at a disavantage:

Given equal proposals, inhabitants of the EU and countries associated to Horizon Europe are given priority. However if the project is of exceptional quality and the proposer holds unique technical expertise proposals from outside of those geographic areas can be eligible as well — under the condition that there is a clear European dimension.

This is uncharted territory and I hope it will be granted :crossed_fingers:

I think mCaptcha ticks all the right boxes to apply to OTF for which you can find an example application (not accepted or denied yet so take it with a grain of salt) here.

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Dear Aravinth,

this mail serves to acknowledge receipt of your grant application "mCaptcha" (2022-08-113). The project will be carefully reviewed for eligibility in two rounds following the criteria set out here:

We expect the first round to take about five weeks, but given natural variation in the amount of projects and their complexity it may take longer or shorter. When the first round of review is done, we will inform you whether or not your project will be selected to enter the second round of the August 2022 call. Meanwhile, keep up the good work - and why not check out some of the wonderful projects already funded by NLnet Foundation:

Or have a look at how you can help out with reducing the impact of software patents on the FOSS ecosystem:

Kind regards,
on behalf of NLnet foundation,

Michiel Leenaars
Strategy Director
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