Matrix Space

Is there something up with the Matrix space? The link on the homepage (and recent events post) is but trying to join it using Element web produces:

I’m sorry, has been down for ~10 days. I suffered a hardware failure, I’m trying to secure spares to come back online.

@dachary: apologies for not pinging you earlier, I didn’t expect it to take this long. Can you please assign the space and the rooms a alias or an alias with some other homeserver?


I don’t know how to do that I’m afraid and would mess things up. You are admin if I’m not mistaken and I would be grateful if you could fix this. With aliases or anything else really: this is still a blur for me :blush:

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I think you are admin on the space as well. The issues with my server will hopefully be resolved over the weekend. But if it doesn’t, I could help you set aliases to both the chatroom and the space, which would remove the dependency on

I confirm that I am an admin. I also confirm that I would need to level up considerably in my understanding of Matrix to even begin to understand the solution you propose I’m afraid.