Manual update of the forgefed website

The forgefed website must be manually updated from the repository. zPlus, fr33domlover or vaeringjar have access and can do it if pinged on the IRC channel.

(17:05:13) USERA: thanks dachary. i looked it over again and couldn’t figure out where the difference was either. so i just deployed the 52bb666 version
(17:05:46) dachary: USERA: great!
(17:06:25) dachary: USERA: will it update itself based on the repo ?
(17:09:55) USERA: dachary: i don’t have that setup. just manual for now. in the short term, if one of the main forgefed folks wants to setup something to build the website, i can setup a cronjob to look for changes and grab them
(17:10:59) USERA: or i could finally get around to doing that myself for the main peers website and use the same build host
(17:11:01) dachary: USERB: would you be willing to do that?
(17:12:11) dachary: USERA: I assume you already know git clone ; cd forgefed ; ./ will rebuild the website in the html directory :slight_smile:
(17:13:26) USERB: dachary: the website can be updated manually really, it’s not like it’s changing every minute
(17:13:36) USERA: yes, thanks dachary. USERB, I can give you acess if you want to manage it yourself, but i’m happy to keep an eye on it for now. wrt automation, i can discuss options more later too. i have to hop networks for a while. back later
(17:14:19) dachary: USERB: indeed :smiley: