Luckysheet seems to be on 2 forges

So, I just stumbled on .

The project seems to be on gitee and on github, so I suspect that the main developper might be interested by fedeproxy.


I took a very quick look and it suggests gitee is used as a mirror.


do you think it is used for more than that? AFAIK there are many projects that use two forges for DVCS mirroring purposes. It would be very interesting if the work done on luckysheet was partially done on gitee and GitHub.

I also see bugs on both side. 275 on github, 11 on gitee. And PR on both side as well.

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Could it be because they forgot to disable the issue/pr on the mirror? The gitee mirror indeed has 11 issues but only two were closed, over five month ago. There were five PR merged two months ago and nothing else, as if it was an oversight or an accident rather than a regular practice.

Given the impact of the Chinese great firewall on network connectivity, and the fact that all PR on Gitee are written in what look like Mandarin, I suspect this might not be a accident. Otherwise, I do not really see why it would be there in the first place, and if 1 issue was closed, that mean that one developer knew about the issue, and so would have fixed that oversight if needed ?

You may be right. I’ll set a reminder to check in six months from now :+1:

One more issue closed in the past six months. There are still five PR. Not much activity to observe unfortunately.