Individual commitment regarding diversity


Since fedeproxy is horizontal, it cannot commit to diversity. But, individual people such as myself, can write down how they commit to diversity in the context of the fedeproxy project. That was inspired by a slide from Vandana Singh.

It could be as simple as a post on this forum:

Subject: Loïc Dachary commitment to diversity in fedeproxy

I am privileged to be a member of the majority in IT. In the context of fedeproxy, I’m committed to act to create a welcoming environment for under represented minorities:

  • By mediating the interactions in the fedeproxy spaces (such as this forum)
  • By helping to enforce the Code of Conduct
  • By reaching out to under represented groups first (when conducting User Research, for instance)

What do you think?

I was not very convinced by this idea and IMHO the better move was for all community members to simply allocate a percentage of their time to diversity. It might have been difficult if the community was large but it is tiny and there was a consensus.