Increasing my involvment in fedeproxy


This time of the year (summer) is quiet and an opportunity to look back at what happened and plan for the future. I very much enjoy working on fedeproxy, which is a good thing considering I spend 50% of my time on the project :slight_smile: There is no pressure: the problems caused by centralized proprietary forges appeared twenty years ago and are unlikely to disappear spontaneously. And there is nothing I like more than to solve problems in a relaxed environment.

I’m however not good at all at context switching. A colleague of mine is able to move from one project to another in a matter of minutes. For me it’s a matter of hours if not days, although it can be much faster when working on a tiny isolated task, such as reviewing a simple merge request. But in the case of fedeproxy, context matters a lot. Just yesterday I read the discussions that predate forgefed and putting them in context meant that I had lots of context in short term/working memory.

Steering fedeproxy in a direction that both makes sense in the long run and can be used for practical purposes immediately is very demanding. Again, I’m not the best at this and other people won’t even think about that as a problem. Here is an example: “should fedeproxy be implemented in go instead of python?”. The answer has a high impact on the project and for now I’ve decided to continue working on python, @pilou also agrees. And since there is just the two of us at the moment, that’s fine. But with Gitea and go-fed as the only option for a native implementation of forgefed on the horizon, it would make a lot of sense for fedeproxy to be re-implemented in Go so that it lives in the same ecosystem of contributors and ActivityPub libraries.

Of course I’m bound to have bad ideas and make wrong decisions while working on fedeproxy and the language choice may be one of them. But I’m convinced that when one has time to focus and think on a given problem, the chances of that happening are lower. This is the primary reason why I’d like to increase my involvement in fedeproxy, to 80% / 90%. As it turns out, I’m not a blocker for the other projects I’m involved in and people can keep the work going. There is no additional funding but after looking at my finances I’ll be able to manage with funding for 50% of my time even I volunteer an additional 40%. Since I’ll keep looking for funding, this will hopefully be a temporary situation.

This is a brain dump and I’m not yet sure if it will happen or how it could happen. I’d love to hear people thoughts, if they are so inclined. But I’m also happy to be talking to myself in public, for archive :crazy_face: